AL-MIZAN is a crypto payment network focuses on facilitating cryptocurrency-based transactions and enabling seamless integration with traditional payment systems. This B2B business provides merchants and following businesses with the infrastructure to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, offering secure and efficient payment processing, conversion to fiat currencies, and settlement services.

  1. Merchants and Businesses: Merchants and businesses across various industries can benefit from the payment network. They can integrate the infrastructure into their existing payment systems, allowing them to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This opens up new avenues for customer transactions and expands their customer base, especially among crypto-savvy individuals.
  2. Crypto ATMs: Crypto ATMs play a crucial role in the crypto ecosystem, providing a convenient way for individuals to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with cash. By utilizing the payment network, Crypto ATMs can enhance their functionality by enabling secure and efficient payment processing, allowing users to convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and vice versa.
  3. Hardware and Software Crypto Wallet Businesses: Hardware and software crypto wallet businesses cater to individuals and organizations seeking secure storage and management of their cryptocurrencies. By integrating with the payment network, these businesses can offer seamless payment processing capabilities within their wallets, allowing users to make secure cryptocurrency transactions directly from their wallets.
  4. Crypto-Fiat Central Exchanges: Crypto-fiat central exchanges serve as intermediaries for individuals to trade cryptocurrencies with traditional fiat currencies. By leveraging the payment network, these exchanges can provide their users with a seamless payment experience, enabling secure deposits and withdrawals in both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This integration enhances the overall liquidity and accessibility of the exchange platform.
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