In a beautiful era of the month Farvardin in the year 1395 (March-April 2016), after numerous exciting discussions about the future of technologies in the world, Mahmoudreza Farhadi and Masoud Zamani discussed why we don’t have a good scientific/technological podcast in Iran. Then they said, “It’s okay, let’s start it ourselves!”
We recorded several programs experimentally in an old and worn-out office on Rudsar Street and gave them to our friends to listen to. The feedback was positive and encouraging… But with much hesitation, on May 10, 2016, we published the first episode on the BarSam website and truly enjoyed it beyond our expectations. We thought and said, based on the sustainable model of “Whatever comes from the heart will inevitably touch the heart,” let’s create programs that resonate with our own hearts and concerns. There will be no prearranged discussions or talks on RadioBadio. We choose topics and delve into the clash of ideas during recording. Gradually, different friends joined us, and “Thursday Afternoons on Rudsar Street” became an integral part of our weekly program.

Why this name was chosen for the radio has an interesting story. From very formal names to indirect names, we were suggesting everything, but the number of times we listened to podcasts in the car or subway with headphones made us think that we should finally use the earbud combination and RadioBudio was created.
Some contents that are the focus of news or stories are also produced in the meantime, and BodioPlus and RiseUp were the most important of them.
Radio Budio was a personal project and the result of research gathering people in the field of advanced technologies to publish and promote various news and analyzes in this field. Radiobadio is not affiliated with any company or institution, and of course, the opinions of its speakers are their personal positions. Our search is that the knowledge presented to the listeners is something beyond the usual news sites or reports on social networks, and our focus is on creating value for all Persian speakers and allowing them to access it naturally and directly and before that. This was not available to them.
Old and current companions of Radio Badiou:

  • Mahmoudreza Farhadi (co-founder)
  • Masoud Zamani (co-founder)
  • Soheil Nikzad
  • Vahid Hajjeforosh
  • Amin Khalighi
  • Hossein Kazzazi
  • Saeed Dabbagh
  • Kiarash Amaalivand
  • Hora Vakili
  • Reza Eskandari
  • Isa Vojdani
  • Mahyar Suri
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